At DHI we are experts in hair restoration, and we offer the most modern procedure. We have extensive experience in the field.


The safety of our patients is essential, therefore we focus on following strict and organized protocols


The instruments used to perform the treatment have a 1mm diameter (or less), which ensure no scar is left, and make the process painless, and noninvasive.


At DHI we guarantee that our treatment is up to 97% effective, while other procedures only guarantee a success rate of 60%.

Hair Transplant and restoration treatments


DHI hair implant

Recover your hair with the DHI process. This method has been performed for 46 years and it has been perfected through continuous research to offer the best results.


The DHI treatment is safe and noninvasive, so it can be carried out on the face, for those who would like to improve the look of their beard.


Plasma is the best complement for the DHI treatment, as it is an autologous and painless process that delays hair loss. The plasma strengthens the inactive follicles and it stimulates the growth of the implanted hair.


The instruments we use are extremely accurate and are ideal to restructure your face and to be used in sensitive areas like the eyebrows.


The majority of the female hair loss cases, can be treated by one of hair restoration specialized doctors.

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“Our vision is to improve the world of hair restoration from its core, through research, education and innovative treatments” Konstantine Giotis. Founder of DHI GLOBAL MEDICAL GROUP.

Since 1970 we have been working on developing and improving the innovative procedures for safe and effective hair treatment and scalp disorders.

This has turned the DHI method into the most successful hair transplant procedure in the world.

DHI Specializes in hair treatment since 1971


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