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We would love to receive your information in order to help you as quickly as possible. Fill in each of the questions and if you wish you can attach your pictures which will facilitate a greater personalized attention.

TEl: 4001-2899 Request your evaluation Beard Restoration - DHI Costa Rica

Beard Restoration

If you are looking for a denser beard or want to fill in the hairless areas of your beard, we have the solution that will ensure the best results.

Our specialists provide specific guidance depending on each unique case in order to define the treatment objectives together with the patient. DHI Costa Rica has a pretreatment protocol to ensure satisfaction and success.

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Factors to consider before designing the beard.

  1. 1.

Patient’s expectations and personal preferences.

  1. 2.

Assessment of the hair on the beard to use as reference for the new design. If the patient does not have a beard, bringing a photograph or having an idea of the expected design is very important.

  1. 3.

The patient will see the design prior to the implantation, making sure it is to his liking.

  1. 4.

The dimensions of the face and the final design are considered to define the type of density desired, either light to moderate or moderate to abundant.

How is the beard transplant procedure done?

1.Design Phase:

The specialist makes the design on the face to define the symmetry, style, and most importantly that the markings are to the patient's liking. The desired density is taken into account in order to determine the number of hairs to be implanted to meet the patient’s initial objectives.

Beard Design

Results with only 6 months.

Follicle Tray

2.Extraction phase:

Any type of hair transplant done in DHI Costa Rica is performed by extracting hair from the occipital or posterior part of the head since they are considered permanent. An hourly count is done until the recommended amount of hair is reached.

3.Implantation phase:

With our specialized implanter, the extracted follicles are implanted with the correct angle, depth, and direction for a natural look. The implanted hair will grow naturally for the rest of your life.

Imagen de implantador

Results with only 6 months.

The beard is considered a sign of wisdom, experience, and virility. Stand it out! - DHI COSTA RICA

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