Regain the eyebrows you've always wanted

Eyebrows are an important component of our appearance and facial structure. When eyebrows are well defined and dense, the cheekbones stand out and give the face a symmetrical shape that highlights the eyes.

Your eyebrows help you express yourself by communicating emotions such as concern, surprise or enjoyment. But if you have lost some or all of your eyebrow hair, it can affect your appearance and your self-confidence.

The team of experts at DHI offers eyebrow restoration that can give you well defined, symmetrical eyebrows without scarring.

What should I know about the eyebrow transplant?

1. The area of the eyebrow is designed according to the patient's requirements and its symmetry.

2. The follicles are extracted with a 0.6mm or 0.8mm punch, extracting the finest hair similar to the eyebrow always using the occipital or back area of ​​the head.

3. After achieving the desired amount of follicles, the implantation is started with a placement of local anesthesia, the hair follicle is implanted in the existing direction creating a natural design and virtually painless.

4. At the end of the implantation with the help of a mirror we verify if the design, thickness and shape of the eyebrows is to the patient's liking. The respective measurements are also carried out to ensure symmetry between the two.

5. You will go through a 7 day recovery process observing the implanted hair. Part of the process will be to cut the eyebrow hairs with scissors as often as necessary, since it will grow faster in the first 2 years.

Global Leaders

This procedure is delicate because the eyebrows are situated on the face. It's required to be performed by a hair restoration specialist.

Our DHI clinic medical team has an international training in the Hair Restoration Academy and extensive experience in eyebrow implantation.