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Eyebrow Restoration

Regain the eyebrows you’ve always wanted so naturally that no one will notice.

Eyebrows are an important component of our appearance and facial structure. When eyebrows are well defined and dense, the cheekbones stand out and give the face a symmetrical shape that highlights the eyes.

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Eyebrow implant step by step

  1. 1.

The doctor designs the eyebrows according to the patient’s requirements and symmetry.

  1. 2.

The follicles are extracted with a 0.6mm or 0.8mm punch, removing the thinnest hair as similar to the eyebrows as possible, using the back part of our head.

  1. 3.

Once the correct amount of follicles are extracted, the implantation is initiated by applying local anesthesia which then permits the Dr. to implant each hair follicle in the existing direction, creating a natural design with no pain.

  1. 4.

When the implantation is finished we verify that the design, thickness, and shape of the eyebrows are to the patient’s satisfaction. Measurements are also taken to ensure symmetry between the two.

  1. 5.

The healing process includes redness and irritation immediately after the procedure which should subside fairly quickly, and swelling. Grooming of the eyebrows should be done with scissors during the first month. Afterwards, tweezers and wax can be used.

Eyebrow Restoration

This procedure has a high complexity because the eyebrows are situated on the face. It should be performed by a hair restoration specialist. Our team is specialized in the DHI Hair Restoration Academy which has ample experience with eyebrow implants.

Regain the expressiveness of your face with natural looking eyebrows. - DHI COSTA RICA

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