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TEl: 4001-2899 Request your evaluation Tratamiento Hair transplant - DHI Costa Rica

Hair transplant

Our hair implant has amazing results that last for a lifetime.

The DHI procedure is safe and with the use of local anesthesia the patient feels no pain at any time. The procedure is done in 1 or 2 consecutive days depending on the amount of hair follicles to be implanted.

The hair follicles are taken care of in an exhaustive way to achieve the highest effectiveness, tending to the follicles vitality will help in achieving permanent results and maximum density.

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Video IconHair Transplant Process Video

The DHI process is a direct and manual implantation of the follicles.


Minimally invasive

Maximum security

Outstanding results

Hair that lasts for a lifetime

Fully satisfied patients

How is the hair transplant procedure done?

1.Extraction phase:

The patient is positioned face down in order to extract the follicles one by one from the back and sides of the head. It is done with a punch which has a diameter of 1mm or less, customizing the angle, depth, and direction of each hair.

The extracted follicles are cleaned, sorted by number, and ordered in a special tray that contains hypothermosol (a substance that maintains the vitality of the hair for hours outside the skin).

Follicle Tray

2.Implantation phase:

The implantation is carried out immediately after the hair follicles are extracted and counted. While observing the affected area, a personalized mathematical distribution is done in order to guarantee optimal results.

Follicles are placed one by one with the help of our patented tool, which allows the specialist to implant according to the angle, direction, and depth required for each patient in order to have permanent results and maximum density.

3. Natural results:

We attain our patient’s total satisfaction by listening to their needs, understanding how much density they require, and most importantly identifying the design and expectation they wish for, in order to provide a personalized treatment.

The technique and tool used for the implantation in DHI allows us to place the hair follicles very close to one another. This can be done because this technique does not require the use of scalpels or previous holes in the skin, achieving natural results with no scars and optimal density.

Before and After Result

Transplant completed in frontal zone with just 6 months postoperative results


The DHI Patented Implanter

We mark the difference with our results because our implanter has the following benefits:

  • The shape and size is similar to a pen, which makes it easier to hold.
  • The needles are interchangeable and disposable, which permits us to use a new and sterile one with each patient. Having a sharp tip is also very important for the hair follicle to be implanted with the correct angle, direction, and depth.
  • The needle has an opening which allows the follicle to be placed in the implanter for minimal manipulation. As the follicles are composed of fat and skin, they are considered fragile and delicate, any contact can lose vitality and even break.
  • Having a thin and sharp needle allows the follicles to be placed into the skin with a single downward push and avoids having to use scalpels or having to make previous cuts or holes in the skin in order to implant the hair follicle.
  • The needles have various different sizes depending on the type of hair the patient has and/or area to be implanted: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm or 1.0mm.
  • When positioning the hair follicle inside the needle, the specialist will implant it in the correct angle, direction, and depth that each patient requires.

There are things in life whose value cannot be measured; hair is one of them. - DHI COSTA RICA

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